An Update

So, this blog was abandoned. I’m sorry about that!

I want to update you all on everything! Well, not everything. The important things.

My second half of the program was awesome. I made so many new and amazing friends, I loved every one of them! I had a blast this whole spring.

And the big news???

I am still a cast member!

I was approved to go seasonal with Stands West, and am planning on moving back in the fall.

Big things are coming up, I can feel it :)

Hope you all are having a magical day, and if anyone out there has questions on the College Program, feel free to ask!

Peace, love, and Dole Whip.

In other news- people read this blog?!

Met a girl at work who knew of my blog! So I decided not to abandon it anymore.

So some updates…

Work was terrible, awful, horrible, basically the worst without all of my fellow CPs. I don’t know how I got through it, I felt so lost without everyone. I miss them all still, and I realize that they were the reason I loved my job so much. Luckily, I found friends in the part-timers and full timers, and now the new CPs are here so I’m not miserable anymore. Yay!!!

My new roommates are great! Catherine is as obsessed with One Direction as me, and we also share a love for all things Peter Pan, Tangled, and Law & Order SVU. My other roommate, Taylor, is awesome too. I definitely lucked out with the random draw! Oh, and my new apartment was literally the floor down from my old one, so the move was really easy.

I rode Expedition Everest 10 times in one day. That happened…

Annnd finally exploring Disney Quest tomorrow!

Then I’m going home for a weekend next week! I’m so excited! I haven’t seen my family since October, my dog since August. I’m soooooo ready for a weekend away!


ok…think that’s all. love you all, thanks for still following! If there are any new CPs out there who have questions, ask away!!!

Brief Update

I know, I’ve abandoned this thing. Here’s some updates on what I’ve been up to!

1. Saw Neil Patrick Harris in the Candlelight Processional

2. Rode the new Test Track before it opened. It was fun, but pretty much identical to the old one except the scenary.

3. Did 2 Character dining experiences- breakfast at 1900 Park Fare with Mary Poppins, Alice, Mad Hatter, Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger, and lunch at Akershus with Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora.

4. Obtained my Mousters Degree in Disney Heritage

5. I love, love, love my coworkers so much!!!!

6. All of my Christmas shopping is done! My wallet is thankful that it won’t be abused any more.

7. I saw the Opening Ceremony for New Fantastyland live. It was incredible.

8. Our apartment is decked of for Christmas and I love it!

9. Friday night I got to work the Christmas party and it was SO MUCH FUN. I was assigned to greeter and got to play with hula hoops with kids. One set of twins were with us for about half an hour! They loved those hula hoops, and the cookies we were giving away. I let the girl, Brooke, in on the secret as to why our cookies were so good- Mrs. Claus herself makes them and ships them to us!

10. Sold funnel cakes to Jon Acuff, famous Christian author/speaker.


I survived Thanksgiving week!

50+ hours, conquered!

I even came out of it with 2 Guest Service Fanatic cards! One for going above and beyond during a particularly rough closing of Sleepy Hollow, and one for always making everyone smile.

All of the alumni said that it was your coworkers that make or break the job, and that has turned out to be beyond true. I enjoyed my first couple months, but nothing like these past 2 months that I’ve been working in Liberty Square. The girls I met here are outstanding, truly some of the sweetest and genuine people I’ve ever met. I love going into work every day because I know I’ll get to see them and no matter how many funnel cakes we have to shell out, it’ll be fun because we’re together.

Now off to find a dress for the formal! Goal: to find one to DisneyBound as Wendy, since a particular Lost Boy is going to be there!!!

My life is magic.

The results are in…

…and I got extended!!! I will be staying at my current role at Stands West until May! I am so happy right now! So excited that this experience is not going to end so soon :)

and THE BEST part is my best friend is coming for Spring Advantage!!! So Daurie & Danae bff fun days shall ensue, and no sleep shall be had.

Feeling amazingly blessed right now.

It’s a bummer not being home for the holidays. I realized that since my family is moving to a different state this summer that I’m not going to have another Christmas in our house. That’s so weird and sad to me…but I wouldn’t give up the oppurtunity for the world, and know that even though it’s sad, it’s worth it.

Anyone out there looking for roommates who are extending, message me!